Dragonvale Game

Dragonvale Game

DragonVale is a breeding simulation sport in which players design a park and exhibit dragons in habitats as a way to generate “dragoncash”. While staying in their own habitat, dragoncash is earned by Dragons. Different dragons generate at different rates based upon their type and scarcity. Dragoncash can be used to upgrade a playground with habitats new isles, and decorations. Currently the sport has a maximum playground amount of about 75, and there is a total dragon count of 323, (128 elemental dragons, 87 unique dragons, and 138 epic dragons) adornment count of over 135, and an island count of 1-5.

Dragonvale Gems that were free can be acquired via friends who gift. Up to 500 jewels could be acquired daily (presuming 500 friends willing to gift), but only three gems a day could be transmitted to people on a player’s friend list. Begin to see the Techniques site for additional information on gifting jewels. The Dragonsai Gifting Shrub can be bought for 100 stone, and can allow the player to hand out three added stone every day. Winning in the Colosseum can also obtains free stone. A decoration gives a decoration that is gold plus two jewels honours five gems. No stone does be awarded by a decoration. Stone could be gotten by having the Gold Treasure chest (which can be completed by arriving first place in a race) at the Drag On Track. Honours may include one to two gems. Gems could be earned with Gemstone Dragons in the Gemstone Island.

If your target that needs the consumer to breed Forest dragon, opposite, gem or a heroic is finished, stone might be obtained. The stone granted array in one to five, with respect to the problem of this monster in query to breed. As of March 26, 2013, stone could also be acquired by revealing the culmination of some targets on Facebook or Facebook.

The The best way to Get free gems in Dragonvale World, an occasion wages ornamentation that is small introduced throughout the Time of Snacks, permits the player to give away one stone every day that is added.